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Since 1928, FFA has worked to create Career Development Events (CDE) & Leadership Development Events (LDE) that demonstrate the meaningful connections between classroom instruction and real-life scenarios. CDEs & LDE's build on what is learned in agricultural classes and the FFA.

The events are designed to help prepare students for careers in agriculture and beyond. Classroom instruction comes alive as students demonstrate their skills in a competitive setting. CDEs & LDE's test the abilities of individuals and teams in 23 major areas of agricultural instruction.







  • State Officer Applications - May 1
  • Dairy Showmanship Entry Forms - May 1 to Darla Romberger 
  • Marketing Plan - May 1 to Alex Barzydlo 
  • Speaking manuscript - May 1 to speaking chairs (email)
  • Safe Tractor Operations entry form - May 1 to Curt Turner 
  • Talent entry forms - May 1 to Myken Poorman 
  • Employment Skills - Resume, Cover Letter, and Job Application - June 1 to Katie Ranck and Sarahbeth Alderfer
  • Delegate Forms - May 15 - to Mike Brammer 


Agricultural Issues Forum

This team LDE challenges students to investigate a variety of current local, state, national and international issues facing agriculture through classroom instruction.

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Agricultural Communications

Students interested in journalism, broadcasting, web design and more learn to communicate effectively while advocating for agriculture. Learn More

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Agricultural Sales

Students work as a team to collaboratively build a sales plan and demonstrate skills in customer relations. Learn More

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Agricultural Technology & Mechanical Systems

Students develop technical knowledge and an ability to work with others to solve complex agricultural problems.



Students understand & demonstrate the many ways that science & technology collaborate to grow the world's major food crops.

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FFA members have the opportunity to grow their skills in aquatic resource management.

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Conduct of Chapter Meetings

FFA members in seventh, eighth and ninth grade are introduced to parliamentary procedure while learning how to conduct efficient meetings & build communication skills.

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Creed Speaking

FFA members recite the National FFA Creed to develop public speaking skills and self-confidence.

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Dairy Cattle Handlers

Handlers earn recognition for their ability to present dairy animals during the Dairy Cattle Management and Evaluation CDE.

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Dairy Cattle Evaluation & Management

Students develop skills important to dairy cattle selection & herd management via this team-based event.

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Employment Skills

Students develop the skills needed to seek employment in the industry of agriculture.

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Environmental & Natural Resources

Provides competing students an opportunity to gain awareness and demonstrate knowledge in areas that affect our air, soil and water.

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Extemporaneous Public Speaking

Students showcase their agricultural knowledge and ability to think on their feet in front of a panel of judges.

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Farm & Agribusiness Management

Students learn business skills and apply economic principles to agricultural businesses.

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FFA Knowledge

First year FFA members in 7th, 8th or 9th grade test their knowledge about FFA

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Students identify plants, judge flower arrangements and solve problems using skills important to horticulture and floral careers.

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Food Science & Technology

Students display an in-depth understanding of food product development, food presentation and food safety issues.

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Students demonstrate their skills in diagnosing forest disorders, managing forests and forest inventory and applying approved silviculture practices.


Horse Evaluation

Students who participate in the National FFA Horse Evaluation CDE gain new insights into equine science.

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Land Use & Management

FFA members show their skills while evaluating features of the land and soil.

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Livestock Evaluation

Participants in the Livestock Evaluation CDE cooperatively classify livestock as “keep” or “cull” for market and breeding purposes.

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Maple Syrup CDE

FFA members can test their knowledge of Pennsylvania's maple syrup industry.

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Marketing Plan

Participants in the Marketing Plan CDE present a marketing plan for an agricultural product, supply or service.

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Meats Evaluation & Technology

Students develop the skills needed for careers in the meat animal industry.

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Milk Quality & Products

Students demonstrate their knowledge about the quality production, processing, distribution, promotion and marketing of milk and dairy foods.

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The Nursery⁄Landscape CDE tests students' skills in horticultural principles, from landscape design to nursery propagation.

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Parliamentary Procedure

Teams conduct a mock chapter meeting to demonstrate their knowledge of basic parliamentary law and the correct use of parliamentary procedures.

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Poultry Evaluation

The Poultry Evaluation CDE tests students’ skills in the production, processing, and marketing of chickens, turkeys, processed poultry products and eggs.

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Prepared (Conservation) Public Speaking: Senior and Junior

During the Prepared Public Speaking LDE, students present a speech on an agriculture-related topic.

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Safe Tractor/Equipment Driving

FFA members showcase their ability to practice and utilize their equipment operation skills.

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Students present their chapter scrapbook to be judged at the state level.

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Small Gas Engines

Students will test their knowledge to complete a small gas engine repair.

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Talent Competition

Students showcase their talent to a panel of judges and then perhaps on stage in front of over 1,500 audience members!

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Turf Grass Management

This Career Development Event includes all aspects of the industry in producing, marketing, utilizing, and maintaining turfgrass.

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Veterinary Science

The Veterinary Science CDE provides opportunities for participants to develop technical knowledge and demonstrate practical skills in the field of veterinary science.

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Students in 9th - 12th interest in wildlife of Pennsylvania complete a written test, multiple wildlife identification tests, and will also be asked to look at signs and do a habitat evaluation.