Board of Directors

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Upcoming Meeting Schedule

  • Oct 7, 2021
  • Dec 9, 2021
  • Mar 3, 2022
  • May 19, 2022
  • June 7-9, 2022


Voting Members

Western Region: Jodie Hoover (23) - (1st Term)
Western Region: Renee Cambruzzi (22) - (1st Term)
Eastern Region: Mark Anderson (23) - (2nd Term)
Eastern Region: Doug Masser (22) - (1st Term) - (VP)
South Central Region: Ayla Miller (23) - (2nd term) - (President)
South Central Region: Mark Dietrich (24) - (1st Term)
Northern Region: Melanie Berndtson (24) - (1st Term)
Northern Region: Nathan Schanbacher (22) - (1st Term)

State FFA President: Abigail O'Neill

State FFA Vice President: Greg Gipe

Past State FFA President: Mikara Anderson

Student Members

President: Abigail O'Neill
Vice-President: Greg Gipe
Secretary: Nina Coolidge
Treasurer: Molly Cessna
Reporter: Trevor Maxwell
Sentinel: Ravyn Bashore
Chaplain: Jordan Anderson


Non-Voting Members

Regional Coordinators

Eastern Region: Ron Frederick
North Central Region: Curt Turner
South Central Region: Natalie Barkley
Western Region: Cliff Wallace


PA FFA Alumni Representative: Sherisa Nailor
PAAE Representative: Melanie Berndtson (PAAE President Elect)
Penn State College of Ag Representative: Dr. Kevin Curry
PA FFA Foundation Representative: Sarah Sparks
FFA/Ag Ed State Advisor: VACANT
FFA Facilitator: VACANT
Executive Manager: Michael Brammer


Meeting Minutes