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The Pennsylvania FFA Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees. The board is composed of agricultural business/industry representatives. Ad hoc members include representatives from the Pennsylvania FFA Association, The Pennsylvania Alumni Association, The Pennsylvania Association of Agriculture Educators and the Pennsylvania Departments of Agriculture and Education. The Board of Trustees develops policies and establishes long-term goals and priorities for the Foundation.


Board of Trustees

Applications are now being accepted for the anticipated Board of Trustee vacancies. Interested candidates are able to apply by downloading the application below, or by completing the application online via Google Forms.  Applications and resumes are due to Sarah Sparks by April 15 of each year for review at the annual meeting in May.  Upon approval, terms begin June 1st.  There is a term limit of 3 years for each trustee position with an option to renew. 

Download application: Board of Trustee Application
Online application: Board of Trustee Application


Committee Structure

Executive - Meets one or two times annually outside the Board of Trustees Meetings.  Creates goals, organizes the strategic plan and recommends bylaw changes. 

  • President | Luke Zerby
  • Vice President | Zachary Gihorski
  • Finance Chair, Treasurer | PJ Adam 
  • Fundraising Chair | Casey McMasters
  • Program Chair | Chris Davis, Jared McIntire, Greyson Smith
  • Marketing Chair | Chloe Patrick 
  • Advancement & Advisory Chair | Katie McLaughlin 
  • Staff | Sarah Sparks
  • Past President | Katie McLaughlin 

Finance - Organizes all financial matters, budgets and Investments, internal audits, and signors on accounts

  • Chair | PJ Adam
  • Committee Member | Luke Zerby 
  • Committee Member | Krystal Wasson 
  • Committee Member | Roarke Miller

Fundraising - Organizes fundraising and soliciting for all revenue.  Events include the golf outings and the farm show reception.  

  • Chair | Casey McMasters 
  • Committee Member | Katie McLaughlin
  • Committee Member | Ed Norman 
  • Committee Member | Hannah Masser 
  • Committee Member | Gary Swan (ExO)

Foundation Programming - Manages all foundation programming including State Officer Scholarships, Learning by Doing Grants, Scholar Dollars. 

  • Chair | Chris Davis (ExO Co Chair)
  • Committee Member | Zachary Gihorski
  • Committee Member | Greyson Smith (Co Chair)
  • Committee Member | Jared McIntire (Co Chair)
  • Committee Member | Sherisa Nailor (ExO)

Marketing - Manages website, social media, branding, and printed materials

  • Chair | Chloe Patrick
  • Committee Member | Becky Templeton
  • Committee Member | Steve Brady
  • Committee Member | Claudia Brady

Advancement & Advisory - 10-20 members, 3 trustees, meets 2 times per year.  Create networking and connections, provide feedback on current events and foundation functions, and mentor new trustees.  

  • Chair | Katie McLaughlin 
  • Committee Member | Steve Brady
  • Committee Member | Ed Norman
  • Committee Member | Paul Heasley 
  • Committee Member | Chris Herr
  • Committee Member | Mark Lowery 
  • Committee Member | George Greig
  • Committee Member | Christine Greig
  • Committee Member | Joel Rotz


2024-25 Pennsylvania FFA Foundation Board of Trustees

Luke zerby

Luke Zerby

President - Second Term Ends 2027

Zachary gihorski

Zachary Gihorski

Vice President - First Term ends 2025

Adams  pj

PJ Adam

Finance Chair, Treasurer - Second Term Ends 2027

Chloe patrick

Chloe Patrick

Marketing Chair - First Term ends 2026

C. mcmasters

Casey McMasters

Fundraising Chair - Second Term Ends 2025

Katie mclaughlin

Katie McLaughlin

Advancement & Advisory Committee Chair - Second Term Ends 2025

Greyson smith

Greyson Smith

First Term ends 2025 - Programming Co-Chair

Jared headshot

Jared McIntire

First Term Ends 2026 - Programming Co-Chair


Hannah Masser

Second Term ends 2025

Templeton10 %282%29

Becky Templeton

Second Term ends 2025

Nwb0523 022 edit %281%29

Krystal Wasson

First Term ends 2026

Brady profile

Steve Brady

First Term ends 2026

Headshot 11 17 2023

Roarke Miller

First Term ends 2026

Norman  ed headshot

Ed Norman

Second Term Ends 2027

Head shot 2024

Madison Kurtz

First Term ends 2027

J shafer

Jessie Shafer

First Term Ends 2027


Kelly Hebrick

First Term Ends 2027