Dairy Cattle Evaluation & Management

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Get involved in this CDE to improve your skills in dairy cattle selection and herd management. At the competition, members complete a written exam, evaluate dairy cattle on physical characteristics and give oral reasons explaining their various classes. Team members also cooperatively analyze a herd record.


Career Opportunities

  • Agriculture Forestry & Production – dairy farmer, dairy herdsman, animal technician veterinary technician, milker, and dairy show specialist.
  • Management and Financial Specialties - agricultural educator, agricultural extension agent, farm manager.
  • Marketing, Merchandising, and Sales – dairy cattle buyer, dairy broker, livestock commission agent, dairy inspector, dairy breed representative.
  • Science and Engineering – veterinarian, dairy nutrition specialist, animal health/pharmaceutical representative, animal genetic technician.
  • Education and Communication Careers – agriculture education teacher, dairy magazine writer, public relations representative, college instructor, education specialist, technical writer




Career Clusters

  • Agricultural and Forestry Production
  • Management and Financial Specialties
  • Marketing, Merchandising and Sales Careers
  • Science and Engineering
  • Social Services
  • Education and Communication 


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