Contracted Positions

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The Pennsylvania Association of Agricultural Educators has two contracted positions including Executive Secretary & Treasurer.

Executive Secretary:
He/she shall keep full and accurate records of all business proceedings in meetings of the Executive Committee, Executive Board, and Annual Business Meetings and shall have the minutes of these meetings made available to all members. He/she shall also serve as membership secretary for the Association and report to the Executive Board. He/she shall also perform such duties as the Executive Board may designate.

He/she shall receive all monies of the Association and pay out the same upon order of the President and the PAAE Board. He/she shall report in writing and/or in person to the Executive Board the receipts and expenditures at each regular meeting of the Board (four per year plus the Annual meeting) and cause his/her PAAE Fiscal annual report to appear in the Annual Report of the Association along with the proposed budget for the coming year.

The Treasurer shall maintain a well-organized record of the financial accounts of the Association and submit it for audit at the close of the Association year. The Association fiscal year shall be considered to be the same as the membership year (July 1-June 31). The records shall be audited by a committee appointed by the President, who shall submit a copy of the audit report to be included in the printed Annual Report.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of dues monies from the membership and shall remit such payments to the respective organizations and accounts as designated on the annual dues collection form. The Treasurer and Executive Secretary shall forward/share membership information so that an accurate and up to date membership roster can be maintained.